The United States of Americute

I am absolutely in love with this special project.  

As soon as I started making happy states (like Buddy Rhodes, the first one ever!) , I started thinking about how I need to make a scaled map of the United States, out of felt, with every state sporting a cute lil' face. And I did!

Again, I started with the tiniest state - Rhode Island. When I planned the map in Illustrator, I decided to make the whole thing about 4 feet wide. RI still ended up only 5/8" across! Waaaaaay too tiny to run through my machine, so I hand-stitched it. I hand-stitched MA, CT, VT, NH, NY, NJ, DE, MD, and WV as well, and used my sewing machine for the rest. 

I didn't really consider the color for each state too much - I just tried to space the colors out and avoid putting similar colors together. I probably deserve some flack for not making Colorado red (as the word "Colorado" suggests), but I already had a red Texas and didn't want to repeat that color so soon (excuses, excuses - I know!). 

Most of the eyes are little french knots of varying sizes, except for some of the large states which got little felt circle eyes. I scaled the faces in relation to the size of the state. The only quirky weird thing I did that I sort of regret was give Vermont light green eyes. None of the other dark states have light eyes, so Vermont is special. You're welcome, Vermonters! 

And lastly, I made each state separately then hand-stitched them all together. That's where the "labor" part comes in when I say this was a "labor of love!" If I were to ever make another map, I'd do things differently - maybe approach things more like a quilt than a series of stuffed things. But I love the way everything came out!

Click through the gallery below to see some photos of my process and the finished piece.  


Welcome to!

So here we are! I decided to create this site as a clean, neat way to share Felt Like It with the world. Here you'll see photos of pillows I've created in the past as well as the designs that are part of the current lineup for sale. I'm going to include some fun custom orders that I've made of the years as well. I may even post some non-FLI art projects I'm working on. It'll be a grand old time, truly!